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What do you think of this MOBO

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Jan 16, 2002
I've just been searching around at MOBO's lately tring to decide what to get..1st I would like to inform you that I'm not a hard core overclocker so running my FSB up to 166 is not that important to me...

Well I came across this board and wanted to know if someone out here is using it and what do they think about the board. So some feed back woud be nice.

here is the link http://www.hardwarezone.com/articles/articles.hwz?cid=6&aid=462

and a second on


hit me up with your opinions...thx

can it support an AX7 heatsink?
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I am not familiar with the Chaintech brand name but that board has all the latest technology except AGP 8x. Onboard lan, sound, ddr333, ata133, kt333 chipset, it's got it all. In todays market a manufacturer can't afford to ship an inferior product. It would destroy him. That's coming from the low to no overclock angle. If heavy overclocking stick with the big boys. Many may disagree but that's my opinion.:)