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What do you think went wrong?

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Jan 4, 2001
Northern VA
Well, had a good day today...busy once again at work, but thats a good thing in my book :)

Anyway, got a call when I got home which kinda ruined my day. I built a computer for my boss, a really nice all black system running Windows 2000 pro. Well, he got it home, and it wouldn't start up for him...start up but hang during hte W2k bootup.

From what he told me over the phone there is a corrupt registry file that is preventing the bootup.

So, I built this in the office, did complete burn in, ran folding on it for few days, and the thing was running FLAWLESSY. I mean, I was kinda jealous :)

Here's the specs:
Epox 8kha+
AthlonXP 1600+
256 Crucial DDR
Cheiftec server case
Enhance PSU
Maxtor 60gb hdd

So, basically things were all fine up until it left the office and left my hands. They drove it home, and I know he lives down a pretty nasty gravel road in a more rural area.

I feel bad becuase I feel its harmful to my reputation...its like, I build a computer for my boss to take home, one that is supposed to be real nice (and it is), and he takes it home, plugs it in, and it doesn't work!

What could've happened? My best guess is that things were knocked around in the car and maybe the hdd was affected. It's obviously a software problem, but it sure as hell didn't leave with one.

Anyway, I took the day off tommorrow, but I'm gonna go in anyway cause he should be bringing the box back...still I didn't like telling him over the phone that there was nothing I could do.

Sounds like I'll have to repair the install.

Oh, and did I mention that this boss is the president and owner of the company?

Even if he understands what happened and it doesn't bother him one bit, it bothers me to send off a machine that has issues like that...if it was my machine I wouldn't care, I can deal with it and not fret over it...

Oh well...that kinda bothered me. Am I looking at some travel damage then?

My geuss is no. You know the registry is finicky on a new setup. Might either try regsave a couple of times after you fix it and let him have it or shutdown and start windows several times in order to get several registry backups in windows. As you know a hiccup during startup and windows found a registry error and is now restoring the registry could be the end if there are no backups.
It may not be your fault. If the outlet it is plugged into isn't properly grounded, or is wired incorrectly(it happens), it could cause exactly the sort of problem you're describing. My old house I live in isn't wired very well. I've grounded the outlet that I use for my computer, but used the non-grounded outlets for working on other machines. Until I discovered that the reason one wouldn't load Windows correctly was that it was plugged into the non-grounded outlet. It loaded perfectly, and worked flawlessly when it was grounded properly. so be sure and check that out