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What do you think?

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New Member
Oct 31, 2002
I got suspended so I decided I would give my case a window. What do you think of it?
here it is on my computer, i was orinigally gonna make for regular windows., but realized that's boring (even though I had already done one half) so I made that nifty guy in the corner..

This is my acryllic I still need to put in it..
I need to get a blue cc, but since I don't have one right now, I used one attatched to my system (in my trunk).. lights off..

nifty guy close up..
lights off..
Also, what do you think I should put in the top right? I need something cool, but open, not small.
^ (it was stupid) I was browsing the forum I regularily go on, and clicked on a link that didn't have NWS (Not Work Safe) in the title and *bam* naked girl. Lucky me the teacher was right behind me..
Ya, I used a dremel. Its my first time modding so after i made the cuts I realized it didn't show anything... I'll Soon have 4 40gb 7200rpm drives to show off in the bottom window though ;) Anyways, I gave it a paintjob, and made a new window. I also ordered some cables, but they haven't got here yet .
sry, that picture doesn't give the paint job justice. It asctually is nice. I think I still need to put one more layer on. Because you can see streaks in bright light (like a flash).
very nice! the cuts look very professional but I think it would have looked better the other way around, with the guy on the right so the bigger windows will show off yer mobo. Still looks good either way.
i was gonna say u cant see anything, then u made that next square, its pretty good for a first time, if ur really into having nice case designs go to liquidthundercreations.com and Charlie can cut any design u want into a side panel or fan grill, he uses a waterjet so everything looks professional.