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Oct 1, 2002
Seattle, WA
Ok I have just recived my koolance 200w gold water block. (no talking about the pros and cons or clear and solid tops please):) ok so far I have my mini fridge and a radiator (the cube one from coolcomputers.com and a underwater pump and resivor. I have been told to keep my rad inside and to keep it outside. what should I do? I want some cool water temps here. also whats an evaporator? just basicly tell me what you think the best setup will be. and of course I will seal the mobo :beer: and later...water cool the sound card :eek: eheh j/k......off to german class....ok post right under here.
You will want your radiator inside the fridge. An evaporator can be basically bucket of water or a bong. They expose water to air to make it evaporate and create lower than ambient water temperature.
the evaporator in your fridge is most likely the "freezer tray" in my setup the tray has been detached from the top of the fridge and sits in the res. about 90% of it is immersed in coolant
So, I sould of course keep my resivor in the fridge and take my rad and submerse it in 80%90 of water so a few fins stick out? is that the general idea??
if theres room in the res for it you could my res holds about 2 gallons of coolant. i just molded some copper tubing (about 3 feet) coiled inside the res. i guess it depends on how much space you have inside the your res (if it deep enough to accomodate both the rad and evap
So the water flows into the resivor into the pump then to threw the radiator (is the rad in water or just sitting on a shelf?) and then threw another bucket? of water? is that the evaporator? or is my resavor the evap becase my res isnt closed?