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What does CFM stand for?

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Feb 3, 2001
What does it stand for and is it more important than the RPM of the fan? Say for instance a fan with 70 CPM with 2400 rpm compare to 23.2 CFM Air Delivery 4500 RPM Fan Speed?
It's a measurement of air volume the fan can move in "Cubic Feet per Minute".

RPM has nothing to do with CFM when taken by itself. A larger fan at slower RPM may move more air (more CFM) than the higher RPM smaller fan.

Ultimate volume depends on blade size, number of blades, aperture size and RPM.
CFM is cubic feet per minute and describes the amount of air the fan is pushing. Sometimes the RPM or Revolutions Per Minute of the fan is directly related to the CFM of the fan.

In order to get the best fan you want a high CFM rating as it is pushing more air. Most often, this will also be a fan with a high RPM rating.
The Alpha's are good coolers. Should be fine. I'd look into the Pep66 though...it's one of the best.
I read and I don't think anyone answered your last question directly.

I think that CFM is much more important than the speed of the fan,

when used over a quality heatsink, all I care about is the amount of air the fan will deliver to the sink. There comes a point when too high speed is just too obnoxious to tolerate. A few fans a just plain Way too loud.

I got sucked into the whole Orb obsesion last month, DO NOT BUY THIS COOLER. I had the Chrome Orb, my T-bird was 59 Celcius! 59!!
Put on a GlobalWin FOP32-1 temps are now at around 40-44 degrees Celcius. The Orb has become my most fancy paperweight!