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SOLVED What does everyone think about this case?

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Im not sure if i should get the 350 or the 400 w/ 2 fans

i already have an Aopen 300watt psu and the fan is the biggest they get for a psu.
i heard most 350watt psu are 300's anyway.


Mysteriously Changing Senior
Dec 19, 2000
In Thelemac's Basement Eating the Chickens
I don't think it will help cool much better than most moded cases. I would suggest buying an Iwin Q500. The Q500 has lots of room for water cooling setups and many places for large fans. If you take the time to read HOOTs article on cohesive air cooling you will better understand how air flows through a case.

silent bob

Team 32 Folding Ghetto Hanging PC Senior
Jan 7, 2001
in "The Cave "
robjustice has his complete Danger Den Maze2 totally contained within his box with all sides ON he has the Q500 as do I and am VERY happy with and will continue to buy every new puter I build


Arctic Silver Senior
Dec 19, 2000
The Q500 is not perfect but it would be my choice too. Lots of room and easy to mod. As Silent Bob noted, it's easy to stuff a complete Danger Den cooling system in it. You can check out mine here.


Senior Member
Jan 9, 2001
Hamilton, Ontario
Well heres a 4th for the Q500, for the price its a very nice case, though i've yet to do anything with it until i get my mobo thats probably waiting in customs. The only thing so far that i personally dislike is the top mounted floppy. But maybe thats just me and who uses floppy's anymore? Though ive not yet put anything in her ive begun sanding her (by hand) for a custom paint job. (one solid color nothing special) good case for the $$$, i got mine shipped w/o PS as i will purchase an enermax 330 at a later date. Very solid aswell even with both side's and top off. The metal is thick too which is gonna be a pain with a nibbler.

Im with Silent Bob, except for a possible Lanparty rig (the Q500 is a heavy sucker) all my future comps will be housed in a Q500.