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what does this mean?

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Dec 14, 2001
[March 21 04:25:54] Working on Unit 03
+ Working ...
[04:25:55] [email protected] Client Core Version 2.41 (Jan 22, 2002)
[04:25:55] Proj: work/wudata_03
[04:25:55] nsteps: 500000 dt: 2.000000 dt_dump: 100.000000 temperature: 335.000000
[04:25:55] xyzfile:
[04:25:55] " 260 bba5_build_ext ORC-(57,0)
[04:25:55] 1 CH3 -17.737393 8.676396 30.0461..."
[04:25:55] keyfile:
[04:25:55] "#parameters ./opls.prm
[04:25:55] #verbose
[04:25:55] NOVERSION
[04:25:55] ARCHIVE
[04:25:55] cutoff 16.0
[04:25:55] taper ..."
[04:25:55] - Couldn't get size info for dyn file: work/wudata_03.dyn
[04:25:55] Starting from initial work packet
[04:25:55] Protein: bba5_build_ext ORC-(57,0)
[04:25:55] - Frames Completed: 0, Remaining: 100
[04:25:55] - Dynamic steps required: 500000
[04:25:55] Writing local files:
[04:25:55] parameters work/wudata_03.prm
[04:25:55] - Writing "work/wudata_03.key": (overwrite)successful.
[04:25:55] - Writing "work/wudata_03.xyz": (overwrite)successful.
[04:25:55] - Writing "work/wudata_03.prm": (overwrite)successful.
[04:25:56] - Writing "work/wudata_03.key": (append)successful.
[04:25:56] PROJECT="work/wudata_03", NSTEPS=500000, DT=2.0000, DTDUMP=10.000000, TEMP=335.00
[04:25:56] TINKER: Software Tools for Molecular Design
[04:25:56] Version 3.8 October 2000
[04:25:56] Copyright (c) Jay William Ponder 1990-2000
[04:25:56] portions Copyright (c) Michael Shirts 2001
[04:25:56] portions Copyright (c) Vijay S Pande 2001
[04:26:47] Received faulty work unit. Notifying server
[04:26:57] logfile size: 13053
[04:26:57] - Writing 13565 bytes of core data to disk.
[04:26:57] end (WriteWorkResults)
[04:26:57] [email protected] Core Shutdown: BAD_WORK_UNIT
CoreStatus = 72 (114)
Sending work to server

+ Attempting to send results
- Connecting to server (
+ Results successfully sent
+ Attempting to get work packet
- Connecting to assignment server
- Successful: assigned to (
+ News From [email protected]: Welcome to 2.0
+ Closed connections
does this mean there was an error on stanfords side? or is it something I did?
If it is not happening continually then I would not worry about it. It just happens sometimes, that a WU will get corrupted(sp?). If it only happened that one time and it recieved a good WU after that then all you should do is just keep an eye on it the next couple of times it downloads new WU's. Just a quick check of the log. If it is happening a lot then I would delete core65. It will automatically download a new core. Fold on!!!
I haven't ever seen a message like that before. It looks like they must have sent you a faulty WU. I wonder if you will get point credit since it reported the faulty WU back to the server? At least it didn't waste a whole bunch of processing time but faulted out right away.

Fold on, Man!:beer:
thanks, the reason I was wondering was I overclocked a little higher and thought that might have caused it but haven't had a problem with the wu before that one or after.
Got an update for you, Ralph. My slowest folding box, the K6-2+ @550, has just had this same thing happen to it this morning. The only difference is that it had been working on this WU for a couple of days and was on frame 50 when it happened!:eek: I sure hope they give me some credit for all the time my poor little K6 put in on this faulty WU.:(

Oh well, such is life. Fold on!!!:D :beer:
I wonder if this is related to the weirdness that I had seen lately with my systems. A couple of times foldmonitor was showing no progress and had a note that said something about core interruption shutdown or whatever. I checked the machines and they had work, but never checked the log to see if there was something strange going on.