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What else can I do?

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Nov 20, 2003
Sydney Australia
Well, this is a kinda Christmas thing and also because my sister is moving away, we're decking out her system.

What I've done so far is:

1. Replaced her crappy Generic case with an Antec Sonata with an extra no name 120mm fan as intake i got for US$5

2. Replaced her stock Intel HSF with a Zalman CNPS7000A-AlCu

3. Took the stock HSF off her Graphics card and put in a Vantec Iceberg 4

4. Got her a more reliable Western Digital Caviar IDE 80GB drive instead of her IBM Desktar 80GB drive (both 7,200rpm and dont look at me, i didnt build this system in the first place)

5. Got another stick of 256MB PC2100 ram

Anyway, this is what she's got:

Intel Pentium 4 400MHz bus 2.0GHz @ 2.6GHz (B0 stepping)
Asus P4B533 Mobo
2x 256MB PC2100 Samsung Ram
3D Wizard Nvidia FX5200 card
Western Digital 7,200rpm Caviar 8mb Cache 80GB IDE Primary
IBM Desktar 7,200rpm 2mb Cache 80GB IDE Slave

2 Drives partitioned so that C: is 50GB from the WD, 30GB storage on the WD, 80GB Storage on the IBM

Im expecting the IBM to fail anytime soon so i told her to just put non essential data such as her ripped music library and her various downloaded crap.

The CPU just passed 6hrs of Prime95 @ 2.5GHz and surivived 3hrs of Prime95 @ 2.6GHz and it's still stress testing as i type this. Vcore is now at 1.55v but the P4B533 seems to overvolt this to 1.6v. What is everyone's experiances with this CPU? How far does it OC? BTW, this is a Malay one. She's taking it to Sydney from Hong Kong in January and im not comming, so it needs to be absolutely rock stable at the OCed speed.

Also, when we got the FX5200, it was a budget card for her as she only did Office work and web browsing and an occasional visit to an online game site (Neopets and Freearcade namely...) but she seems to have gotten into some real gaming now (Warcraft 3 TFT, Dungeon Seige, Zoo Tycoon and Neverwinter Nights) and she's getting some serious lag in the more recent games. What are people's experiances with this card? What kind of overclocks are you people getting on this? What other tweaks are there for this card? It's currently running the latest Omega Drivers, but im not all that familiar with Nvidia cards are there any other tweaks out there for it?

And lastly, what else can i actually do it improve performance while keeping it "idiot proof" so to speak cuz my sister knows next to nothing about computers (she thinks we just give 230v AC to the mobo, CPU, optical drives, floppy, hard drives etc. I almost cracked up when i thought about the Etherkiller site :D).

And if you managed to read through all that, thanks and another Thanks if you reply :) .


Dec 17, 2002
Vancouver, BC
If I were you I wouldn't overclock the CPU to that high. I know it passed Prime and everything, but who knows what would happen when she moves away. You really don't want to get a phone call 4am in the morning from you sister telling you the computer is "not working." ;)

About the video card, is she complaining about the lag? Or did you noticed the lag? If she's not complaining then I would leave it the way it is. :)