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What fan do I use?

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Jan 14, 2002
I am building a amd xp 2000 and am wantig to know of the best fan/heatsink for cooling. Thermaltake, coolmaster, etc. I'm unsure as to wich is best, and most of the forum so far is about water cooling so I have no idea how far back I went but I didn't see anything on this subject. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

The three top dogs are:
Alpha PAL 8045 (good price & performance, bad compatability)
Thermalright AX7 (Good price & performance, decent compatability)
Swiftech Mcx4?? (Best performance by maybe 1 degree, BAD price, decent compatability)

The fan that you choose with these will determin just how well they work. I'd reccomend something greater than 32 cfm.
other stuff

A Glaciator or Glaciator 2 are also good alternatives, and not very loud. If you get a sink that uses a 60mm fan, consider getting a fan adapter and a larger 80mm or even 92mm fan for it. 60mm fans with more than 32cfm can be loud... like vaccuum cleaners/hair dryers/or jet engines!

There's a lot of threads about heatsinks, you just have to use the right words for the search function to pull them up.

I see you're a fellow Texan, so heed this advice: blast the AC if you want to be able to overclock. Set a thermometer on your computer desk. Keep the room temp below 75F or you won't be very happy with the overclock you get over the summer. Also make sure you have at least a few case fans to get the heat out of your case, cuz it will have a tendency to build up.