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What fan for Xp2000 and Dragon+ -hurry!

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Mar 12, 2002
I've got a Dragon+ and xp2000 I haven't put it together yet (I was hoping to start this afternoon). I've got the stock fan that came with the xp chip and I've got a dragon orb 1. Which was a mistake I didn't know their was a d03.

Which fan should I use to get it up and running I don't want to overclock yet until I get a better fan or at least see where i'm at. and I don't want to try both unless I have too. I just want the best one on there. I've got Artic Silver 3 if that helps make up your mind.

Also since I'll probably have to get a new fan anyway which should I get. I've heard the volcanoes may not fit because of the caps next to the chip. Let me know if this is a problem or what high end fans work well with the mobo.



Sep 24, 2001
Currently Nowhere
I have the Dragon+ and like my Glaciator I. It's nice and quiet and I get pretty good temps with it. I had to lap the crap out of it to get it flat and to get the machining grooves removed. If they still have any, the original Glaciator is $17.50 + shipping. The newer Glaciator II is about $30.



Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
Glaciator 2

The new Glaciator is very nice... hardly required any lapping, keeps temps low, and its quiet!


Mar 15, 2002
Texas City, TX
I run a 1700+ XP and I use a ThermalTake Volcano 5. Because of your speed being greater than mine, I would recommend the ThermalTake Volcano 6cu+ with the copper core.