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what glue to use

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Mar 19, 2001
Im going to cut the bottom of a junction box that would normaly be 6x6x6 and make is 6x6x4 so it will fit in my case easyer

for the new bottom Im going to use Plexiglass
I need to know what glue to use for the Plexiglass and the plastic reservoir

I was hoping there is a easyer glue to use besides JB weld sense that stuff isnt cheap
try using some super glue to hold everything together, and then use some clear silicone to seal everything. It also won't be noticeable with the plexiglass, as JBweld would be.
Warlord..forget all the other glues..especially superglue if you dont want white filmy residue everywhere. You cannot get a better glue than this stuff in the picture below. Go over to the alternative modding section and look for my post entitled "Pics of my new side ducted rad" There I detailed how easy and clean this stuff is to use.