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what happened to theoverclockerzstore.com

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Im pretty sure they took it down because of the bad business they were doing and the feedback they were getting,they got in over there head.They have 2 other websites they run but dont offer the overclocked cpus and such.
they are still around. Now they call themselves OCZ, Ability wholesale, and a couple of others- any store selling primarily OCZ stuff is part of them. They are mildly infamous for terrible customer service and products that did not perform as advertised.

If you really want an OCZ product, be sure and buy it from a reputable dealer- Newegg.com has some stuff from them as I recall.
they still owe me 80$ for a stick of pc2400 that only does 133@least agressive timings
I would never buy from these morons again. After spending over $700 in parts, I finally ordered the RAM and MOBO's for 2 systems I was building. It took 12-15 Emails and 1 houron the phone to finally get the rest of the order, 3 weeks later.
I don't care what there prices are, they suck.
good riddance. i hope the whole company gets their pants sued off. Ill join in a class action law suit if anyone wants to start one. I WANT MY 80 BUCKS DAMMIT!
they were kind of slow for my company as we where building a system through them for a customer they forgot the cpu and the memory and finally they sent out what was supposed to be the cpu and memory but only got the 1.0 Ghz cpu but not the 256 ddr pc 2100 after another week without any contact and 2 hours on the phone out of no where the memory showed up with an ECS Sis 305 video card in for free so they made up for what they forgot but now they are gone so dont know what to do maybe i will go to www.webuildpcs.com anyway
I have the same nightmare with these people. I ordered the iwill mob with an extra stick of memory got them and the mob would not post. tried the memory 2 sticks in my asus mob and they fried sent mob and memory back with rma now almost 2 months and no replacement of either just run around. I have put my credit card company on them but have not heard from them yet.

By the way thier back on line again as under the same website