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What happens if you use ALPHA HSF on Socket370 with no feet?

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The Faceless Rebel

Mar 3, 2001
Just wondering...I know that the newer ALPHAs are "universal" HSFs which fit both Socket A and Socket370 and you add these little sticky feet to the bottom for Socket370. Do you really need those feet? What happens when you stick an ALPHA with no feet on Socket370? I don't want to crush my core, but I'm out of feet and I don't know where to get more...
I have four extra feet that came with my alpha. Give me your mailing address and they are yours. Just e-mail me.

These are good shims to keep the sink level. They don't conduct heat and worsen results like the copper shims. Very well priced!
yay, shims!
i like the P3/Celly shim...just a hollow square
hint to AMD...put the damn CPU bridges on the bottom like Intel :D
from my experience nothign happens. i use a pep66 in a slotket, i cut the feet off. and i dont use a shim, it works great. i just didnt trust the contact i'd get with the feet and i didntthink i would need a shim. you just gotta be a little more careful
i don't think the fcpga cores crack as easily as tibirds do(HINT HINT amd). Sorry for the little rant, i have cracked three amd chips and am quite pissed about it. Those shims in the link are good, I have one of each coming in, they don't conduct heat like copper so they should not affect the hsf performance while keeping you from crushing the core.
I recently read that shaving ~1/16" off of the feet makes for much better HSF/CPU contact, at least with a PAL-35T(old version of the PAL-6035 that had hard plastic feet built-in to the bottom of the HS).