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What have you RMA'd lately?

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I only have 1 MSI product and have not had any issue. But from your story and then hearing others I will definitely move them down my list of preferred manufacturers.

I've Gigabyte on that list too and not just for the PSU fiasco. I have a motherboard from them that the bluetooth antenna started to cycle on and off every now and then. I messaged them and their response was update the BIOS. OK, nothing changed and this happened. Updated BIOS didn't fix it. So, I got a dongle. Eventually, I tried it again and it works. Probably a weird driver. I just didn't like their customer service. Too many manufacturers out there to rely on one with poor customer service.
Counter - I've had multiple MSI products over the years and one RMA - a netbook from when I was in college that stopped booting within warranty. Best RMA process I've had to date, from having an RMA number in hand within 48 hours to a quick (<2 week) turnaround to helping deal with Fedex in changing the delivery address. Everyone just has bad experiences occasionally :shrug:

But personally I haven't had to RMA much lately. Last thing had to be a 400GB Sandisk mSD card I had to send back due to files starting to corrupt and the card dropping from both my phone and a USB reader. But that was two years ago, had to be. Ended up grabbing a 512GB card on Black Friday/Cyber Monday while the 400GB card was "in the shop". Got a NIB 400GB card back, still use it these days in a flashdrive sized card reader as a slightly awkward, kinda fragile jump/install drive.
There are a bunch of posts on Reddit and elsewhere of people that had failed MSI cards (in new world) get upgraded. Like if they had a Ventus 3090 they'd get upgraded to a Suprim 3090 for their RMA. Might be just luck or maybe MSI is improving.
I would totally do that as well. If a board has been released for 1.5yrs and doesn't have a recent BIOS that company is off my list of companies to buy from.

The X570-F has updates through 8/2021.

It's just that the board was sent out to retail/stock and not sold so it has an old BIOS on it from sitting on the shelf.

The board was purchased from one of the largest retailers in Germany. There is no way it could collect dust for longer, especially it's a popular model. I had the same with MSI X570 Unify a while ago. It just didn't want to work with 5000 CPUs before BIOS flash. All B550 support 5000 Ryzens out of the box, X570 not really. Sadly all manufacturers have the same with X570 (I only haven't heard about ASRock but can't confirm) so if we decided not to buy their products, then we wouldn't have anything to buy. Good that most mid-shelf or higher motherboards have now a BIOS flashback button.
Maybe... we have no idea. I highly doubt their shipping out boards even six months ago with a bios from 1.5 years ago...
Today it's Gigabyte RX6700XT - black screen when I leave it idle for longer like 1-2h+ and now also every more demanding game is turning off while loading or when it's loading larger textures. This problem appears only in games that use 4GB+ VRAM.

Btw. I got money back almost instantly for the G.Skill memory kit from the last post. Already got something else and will probably post some tests results ... but it's delayed as I wanted to use RX6700XT and only wasted time on diagnostics so far.