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What Heatsink to use with 1.33GHz?

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Apr 7, 2001
In your opinion, what is the best heatsink to use with this chip?
Should a copper shim be used? I would hate to crack a core or chip it...... :)
I run mine w/ an MC462. According to MBM 5 [which for me has never been more than 1c off of BIOS readings], I've never hit 50c. The other day when it was about 85f in my room, running at 1572@ 1.85v, I did hit 46c, which is too hot for my tastes. But also, the 462 does not use some stupid *** clip that will cause you to crack your core. But, the best air-cooler comes at a price, $79.95. It's alot, but trust me, worth every penny. As of 4/26, Coolerguys.com has them in stock. They are very hard find, so if you're interested, I'd go for it...;)
Don't use the copper shim, it sucks. If your on a budget a globwin flop38 for $20 or an alpha pep66 for $30 are great. And get some artic silver too. I can't justify 70 something bucks on air cooling. Water on the other hand.....
get a shim from here Non conductive shims. These shims do not conduct heat and ruin your hsf performance. As for your heatsink, the Cak38 looks nice, as do most of the all copper heatsinks. The WBK38 is nice, as is the pep66t and alpha 6035.
What about the CAK38? One site loved OCZ's Gladiator heatsink........Sharkyextreme loves the thermoengine.....

Originally, I had bought an OCZ Glacier 2 ( I didn't think I would be able to afford a 1.33GHz so I wan't too picky ).......but I am not about to gamble with the performance...time for a new cooler.

I am definitely investing in the following shim: http://www.cluboverclocker.com/reviews/other/cool-shim/index.htm

Well, keep the suggestions coming! :)