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What heatsinks can I put a 80mm fan on?

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Mar 4, 2002
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I want to use a 80mm Panaflo fan for cooling my CPU because it flows 39cfm and is rated somewehre in the low 30s for noise.
Now I just need to figure out which decent heatsinks I can put a 80mm fan on. Any suggestions?
There was a recent posting or article where someone made their own HSF adapter. I cant find the article that I originally read but Ill tell you what I saw. He took off the original HSF, he outlined the base of the fan and the mounting of the HS. then he cut it out, padded the area between the fan and the HSF mount (to elliminate the vibration sound). Then he screwed doewn the mount and bolted the fan down.

I know its kind of broad but got no time right now, so you can ask questions or try a search for the article.
Computer boulevard sells these heatsinks called "Combo F" for about $40. It clips on the the socket and fits 8cm fans. I lapped one of mine and it ran 6 degrees cooler. If you don't plan on removing the heatsink, then you can get an Alpha 8045 or a swiftech mcx462, or thermalright AX-7.
I would go with the new Thermalright AX-7 ... seems to have the best ratings and is pretty cheap too $30...... I just bought one and will have it installed as soon as my ASIII gets here:(
AudiMan said:
Where did you buy it?
If your referring to the Thermalright AX-7, I got it at Newegg. The places Emericana mentioned have it also. It seems to be a great HS... Just choose your fan...... ;)