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what hsf is beter?

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I would put my money on the WBK, since they both use the same fan and the WBK has greater surface area.


ok..... now about the noise ratio....

is there a beter hsf out there that will be a lil quieter?
You can run either of those heatsinks with the YS-Tech 26cfm fan instead of the Delta 38cfm. They will be considerably quieter and will not cool nearly as well as with the Delta fan. One possibility is to get the WBK and adapt an 80mm fan to it. One like the Sunon 36cfm and get cooling effectiveness close to the 60mm Delta fan with 1/5th the noise.

Definately get that 60mm to 80mm fan adaptor as you can get high end cooling at low noise levels. www.plycon.com has them along with the fans. They even have 60mm to 92mm adaptor. I have read good reviews about these adapters that have said that temps lowered a great deal while noise was exeptable.
not really any more weight.The fan retention on teh wbk will hold a 80mm fan easy!
in reply to mekboys post, do not buy an adapter, total waste of money if your planning on buying the WBK. the WBK hs takes an 80 mm fan or even a 92 mm fan w/o the adapter. i've done it. easy as pie and works well. adapter will just set you back about $20 bucks and you won't really see much benefit.

now on my golden gate/gladiator, if i wanted to put an 80 mm on this one, then i would have to consider an adapter, but not for the WBK.