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What I want, I need to find with your help, please

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Jan 21, 2001
My new motherboard.
I was going to run the epox 8kta3 plus but now thats history. I need something simalar. Going to run a amd 1.2 gigger @ 266.
I want - ATX format - VIA's KT133A chipset, 266 fsb, agp slot, RAID and ATA 100, 4x DIMM Slots for SDRAM, on board sound w/ no video at all, all the goodies i can get.

Now remember this. I will not be over clocking as far as I know. Never have and dont realy see the need, BUT I want to be able to if I expand into that horizon. I prefer no or very little jumpers to play with. Most newer high quality boards should be mostly bios set. Epox 8kta3 and 8kta3 plus specs include this and id like to have it without getting the raid less version of the 8kta3.

"Supports CPU Vcore & VIO settings via BIOS
Supports CPU Clock (1 or 2 increment) & Multiplier settings via BIOS
Supports AGP power (voltage) setting via BIOS"

Yes i know what i want but i still dont know what i should look at.
Thanx for any help
Iwill - KK266-R Specifications
C-Media® CMI-87383D Sound Chip
4.1 Channel Hardware Sound
32-voice HRTF-base 3D Positional Audio
Supports Microsoft® DirectSoundTM and Aureal® A3D
Supports EAX (Environmental Audio eXtension) Sound Effects
"""""3 x Audio Ports (Line-IN/Line-OUT/MIC)"""""
Doesnt a 4 point surround need 2 out puts? I have a mx300 sound card in here and there are 2 out puts. These both plug into my powered sub for front and rear.
Im liking the iwill kk266-r the best so far. Nother question though. The manual on iwills site says fsb select options are 100 and 133. If im going to put a 2.1 gigger @ 266 i choose 133 mhz right? Am i missing something here couse i would think to run @ 266 you would have to chhose that. Or you choose 133 and it realy runs at 266. Hmm im confused now.
The 266 is DDR. The short version of this is 133 MHz doubled by the processor by reading the leading and trailing edge of the clock cycle. 133 MHz would be the correct setting.

In regard to the few jumpers on this board. From the reviews I read this is a positive thing. This way the bios does not have to change the settings on the fly since they are hard coded. You won't likely be changing the bus speed regularly so a jumper for that makes sense. There is also a jumper to disable sound, and one for VI/O. The overclocking features are accessed from the bios for the most part.

Iwill offers a very clean overclock potential because they incorporate a larger number of capacitors on the board to clean the signals. The board layout is one of the best and offers lots of room with only a few exceptions. There is plenty of room for the mother of all cpu heat sinks.

I think you would be happy with this product. There were some problems with it initially as I am sure you have read but those seem to have worked themselves out and Iwill has proven a reliable company in it's dealings with the O/C forum.
if you set the thing for 4.1 sound ,the rear channel comes out the line in jack, check your manual for details
Question about Iwill KK266-R board memory.
System Memory
3 x 168-pin DIMM Sockets Support up to 1.5 GB of PC133 Memory
Supports PC133/PC100 SDRAM and VCM Memory Types
Supports 64/128/256/512 MB SDRAM Modules
Supports 3.3V Unbuffered/Registered DIMM

What is the differance here betwen SDRAM and VCM Memory Types? And any advantage to either one?