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what if i only increase the FSB ...

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Chainsaw Mofo

Jul 3, 2001
hello, i've never OC'ed b4. after reading some articles on it, they all recommend at least a fan/heatsink combo b4 i start.
i will get a duron 800 soon, and was wondering what if i increase the FSB but decrease the multiplier so the CPU speed remains close to the original. would i still need exotic cooling ?
is it the same with video cards ? if i just overclock memory n not the core, the thing wont overheat right ?

thanx in advance
sorry if this is has been coverd earlier, but i dont want to sift thru all the pages <=)
no, but since you have interest, you will probably end up overclocking it. Get a glaciator and be done with it. Its $45 extra what will oc as high as that cpu will go. Your money will be well spent.
agreed- getting a great HSF combo- that will just make computer life easier in the future even with a low heat chip and a modest overclock
it is much easier said then done as far as halfway overclocking and to be honest i have never heard of anyone halfway overclocking anything. get the better HSF as everyone recommended there are some pretty good deals out there if you look, also for your video card you can make a good HSF out of a CPU HSF by cutting it down to fit and then glueing it on yourself mine only set me back 5 bucks and it works much better then any borb or factory installed video card HSF.