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What I'm doing wrong? Pep66 still not enought!

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The Doors

Vesuvius Senior Ocer
Jan 18, 2001
Athens - Greece
my case have a Good ventilation (just veryfied many times!) with 5 Sunon fans, Hsf Pep66/Delta 38 now fitting properly with insulating tape, I've not pad's, but the Cpu temp of my C2 600 cb0 is still high!

Ambient temp is around 27C, case temp is 1-2 degree up, Mobo 4-5 degree up and the Cpu reach @idle 36-37C, max 47@full load!

I'm having reboot probs, but under Win 98se is always rock stable with Folding@home that works all day, freezes only with 3D Mark2001, never with 3D Mark 2000 and games!

Can u help me to understand what is wrong?
I would try running your system with the case open running mbm and set the refresh to every second, then very carefully push down on the alpha and then try gently rocking it one way and then the other, never enough though to totally lift it off any given corner of the cpu. and see if that changes (lowers) your temps.
I have be6 II v2 running as a server with a c2 566 at 850 at 1.85 with a intel hsf from my piii 700 and my temps are no higher than yours. make sure you don't over do it on the thermal paste and make sure your spring has good tension, I have a pep66t on my p3 and the spring is kinda light, I think it's to keep those amd chips from cracking........ You can take the fan off and bend the clip to add tension as I did and it did help!
I've tried more times my friend,
but only pressing on the center of Pep's cover seems to "work", temps drop of 2 degree C, no more :-(
I've also tried increasing clip pressure but probably not enought.
About AS II there's only a thin layer between Cpu & Hsf.

I'm crazy or what ;-) help me to understand my temps

All the temps are reported by MBM 5.07b and are @full load from many hours (9-10) with folding@home (100% load reported by taskInfo).

26.4C into my room, case between 25-26C, Mobo 31-32C and C2600 cb0 1.8v @900Mhz 42-43 degree C!
Hmmm, my P3-600@840 (coppermine) can hit 43'C (probably +10'C more at the core) with mobo at 36'C on a VERY heaty afternoon just with the stock heatsink (took off intel fan and mounted two 50mm, 4500rpm fans instead). Case has 1 Twinturbo (rated at 80cfm but I think it's just half of that), and 1 more 80mm to boost the PSU fan. Ambient temps can reach 31'C (I live in the tropics). Can run at 900Mhz w/o any problems on the CPU's part but my Iwill VD133 is only marginally stable at that freq.