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What is a good TEC for a athlon 1.333 GHz (266MHz)

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Dec 29, 2000
Like the Topic states, I need to know which TEC will cool my athlon enough. I currently have 2 80 Watt TEC's and I don't think they will do anything. My friend has a 156 watt TEC hooked up to his athlon 1.333 GHz and he gets his temps down to 22-25 C idle and around 35-38 max, that's watercooled. So I am not sure what kind of a TEC I will need to cool mine, I am running around 60 C with a cheap fan on the cpu right now, and I need to cool it fast. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
btw- in the other post u said if there would be condesation
there will only be condensation if bring the CPU temp lower thatn room temp
so what i would do is keep running Foldin@home and keep the temps up
You can beat those load temps with watercooling and a bong. For a 1333 one 172 is minimum. Two 120s may be the ticket. Stay tuned, 120 results will be posted.