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What is a H+ cable?

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Feb 22, 2001
Mt. Pleasant Pennsylvania
Here is the support email I sent(Real Magic Hollywood DVD decoder card)

The DVD player works fine on the computer but when run through
the TV there is no TV/Stereo sound (there is still computer sound, TV is not
S-video so there is a converter cable), the DVD cable is run to the DVD
decoder and there is a pass through cable from the DVD card to the sound
card. We have tried running an audio cable to the TV and to the stereo
system from both the DVD card and the sound card but we get nothing in some
jacks and humming in others. There is also some horizontal lines on the tv
that move up. Any additional info would be great.

Here is the tech support message I got back.

If you have connected the H+ to a sound card and DVD-ROM internally, make
sure that the cable is configured at right. The H+ end is configured like
this: G-L-G-R. If the sound card line-in is not configure like that you will
have to rearrange the order of the end of the cable that goes to the sound
He's referring to the standard audio cable that goes from your CD-ROM or DVD drive audio output to your audio card, or in your case I assume "the Hollywood Decoder".

As usual, nobody can decide on a standard pin connection. The pin connections G-L-G-R that he is referring to are Ground-Left-Ground-Right. You need to make sure that the output of you DVD audio socket matches the input of your card requirements.

Get the pin out specs for the DVD and make sure you plug is pinned correctly for the R, L and ground/shield. Now Check the colors at the other end and see if the match up with your decoders requirement, if not you may have to move the pins around.

If you don't want to do that there is an audio cable made by GC that is a "Universal" cable that has several connectors and one end that should cover most, if not all requirements.
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