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What is a "hi res" game ?

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Akumu X

Dec 24, 2000
Near Pittsburgh
I'm aware that the GeForce 2 Ultra and GeForce 3 are ultimate cards...but what games efficiently use there tech?
(not including benches like 3dmark 2k/2k1)
Quake 3...no
So...maybe Serious Sam? eh?
Some other new GOOD games anyone can think of that have noticebly more eye candy with these newer cards, or do we really have to wait for Return to Wolfenstein/Doom3/Unreal 2?
I understand that those high end cards are an "investment" just wondering if they can show some muscle on a present day or soon to be game in 1024x768x32 AA.
Try Nascar 4 ... Set everything to MAX and you will put your system to its KNEEs... seriously, the physics and graphics in that game are so incredible, that you will need Killer system to play this game with everything set to the max + Fsaa..

I usually get 45-50 s, when I play at 1200x800 (whatever that res is ).. But the game is Beautiful
X-Isle is one of the games that you can get most out of GeForce3 cards. X-Isle: Dianosaur Island is just amazing with those cards. Even with my GTS, the demo was so beautiful. I have heard from GF3 owners who ran the recently released demo of X-Isle and put all the graphics features and they say it's.. unbelivable. the main page is at:


here's one of the screenshots..