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What Is Folding?

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From here:

What is [email protected]
1. What is FAH?
FAH is a distributed computing project, the purpose of which is to learn how proteins fold and misfold. By breaking down the process by which proteins are created we can find out what causes them to miscreate or misfold. The hope is that this will lead to future research that can help scientists come up with better treatments/cures for many of todays common ailments. But the most important part of the project is putting together an effective model of how to fold and unfold proteins with supercomputer power.

This is an extremely complicated process that requires awesome amounts of computing power that was virtually unattainable prior to the start of this project. This project harnesses the power of thousands of individual PC's connected to the internet by breaking down the necessary work and allowing those individual computers to work on small pieces of information and then returning the calculated results to stanford university. Once the work is done and returned your computer will automatically get fresh data to calculate. The work is then piece back together at Stanford university. There are results and more information posted on the [email protected] website at http://folding.stanford.edu/.

We are team 32 and if you would like help setting up the client you only need to ask and there will be several people ready to help.

For some great summaries of the FAH project, try here and here

I highly reccomend reading the FAQ sticky.

EDIT: The points section of the FAQ needs to be updated with the new higher point values.


Apr 22, 2004
New Hampshire
oh you are going to love it, private message me if you have any questions, team 32 is always looking for more help :) And if you don't want to start out at the bottom of the list, consider folding for someone elses user name. Sometimes groups of people fold for the same user name. This is good for motivation.