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New Member
Mar 27, 2002
West Coast, Canada
Hi, I recently overclocked my system, and have a question or two. First this is my current setup:

Athlon TBird 1GHz
Voodoo 6cu+ 4550rpm
Abit KT7A-Raid
512MB Ram (384 good quality, 128 is ok quality)
Antec 1040B Case and Antec Power Supply
2 Antec Case fans
2 Sunon Case fans
30GB Maxtor 7200
GeForce 2Ti
SB Audigy
DLink Ethernet

I have some Arctic Silver 3, but have yet to use it.

I successfully overclocked my cpu to 133x10 (up from 100x10) without changing anything else. It ran stable all night. The cpu temp went from 36c to 40c idle, and 44c while playing graphics intensive game.

Ok, so next I tried uping the FSB, no go. System didn't boot had to reset it.

Now we come to my questions :)

I tried putting the multiplier up. I tried 10.5 up to 12. It booted fine each time, and seemed faster. BUT. When it boots up, it doesn't show the CPU speed before checking for my CDDrives, and in the system info, and SiSandra it shows that the CPU is at 1333. The cpu temp stayed the same as when it was at 133x10.

1. Is it really running faster?
2. Is it actually at 1333 and won't go higher until I unlock my CPU?
3. Can I up the voltage (using bios) without changing the voltage on the cpu itself. (Yes the MB allows you to go higher, but will it make a difference)
4. Where can I order/buy a Conductive Ink Pen in Canada?

I think thats it. If anyone has other questions about my system, feel free to ask.

And, thanks to those who can answer my questions :)

Thank you,



Oct 30, 2001
A 1 gig T bird you can unlock with a number 2 pencil. It doesnt matter what multiplier you change in the Bios you must unlock it first. Abits softmenu you can change the Vcore up to 1.85 but first unlock the chip. I haven't found a place yet to buy a conductive pen but for a T bird a pencil will do.

And put the AS3 on there it will help those temps.



On a string I was held Senior
Jul 11, 2001
i live
bull pretty much answered your question, but i am just dropping a note saying WELCOME TO THE FORUMS

and i have a question about you system... why on earth are you not using the AS3;)

the pencil will work but if you still want to buy a pen try here , but i say give the pencil a go first. Can't go wrong with free.

as for a guide and such go here it says a pen is optimal but trust us all the pencil will work just fine.


New Member
Mar 27, 2002
West Coast, Canada
Thanks for the info all!

How much AS3 should I put on? just in the center? or all the way out and over the L1, L7, etc?

So, until I unlock my CPU I can't change the multiplier in the bios. To unlock the CPU I can just use a mechanical pencil 0.5 HB or something. If you use a pencil, and you have your system pushed to the limit, and the pencil wears off or something, wouldn't you damage your CPU?

I've seen some up around 1.8GHz, but I wouldn't mind just getting it up to 1.5 or so.

Thanks again,



Jan 9, 2002
bay area
You definitely need the AS3. Sounds like the multiplier is still locked. Apply the AS3 first then raise your temps. The pen can be bought I think at Radio Shack or Frys ( dont know if those are in Canada). If not you can always oreder online www.Radioshack.com. But try the pencil trick first.

Sounds like youve been pretty succesful no road blocks!
Welcome to the forum