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Mike K

Nov 22, 2001
Chicago, Illinois
I am building a new system and lastnight ordered the parts in my sig. I ordered lastnight from SVC a Socket A hsf. I ordered it because it is a good deal at $17.99 with an extra Ys-Tech 48cfm fan. What I want to know is what brand is it? SVC does not say the names of their coolers except for Tt. I suspect it is a Glaciator but I am not sure. I know someone knows what it is. Link
It looks familiar, but appears to be a house brand. My guess is it is probably someone else's design that they licensed. It isn't a Glaciator, though.
Yes, it is a house brand, Silicon Valley Compucycle (SCV) to be exact. Looks like a good deal, be sure to post its results when you get it.
I read a review on the front page before and when I saw it at SVC I came back here to see how it performed and then I couldnt find it. I guess Ill look through all of them. It should perform well as it comes with a 48.5 cfm ys-tech. I dont know about the hs though. It should be here Wed or Thur and Ill post results when I get the rest of the parts from NewEgg.
I actually know the guy behind svc and ordered from him a gc68 a couple of months ago. Great quality product + great shipping costs and transit time. Definitely recommend this company.

As far as the actual hsf performance, well it is the most quiet yet good enough hsf I have ever used.

Just my .02.

P.S: No, I am not affiliated with svc, just happen to know them.
great shipping costs and transit time

How long does it usually take to ship? I still havent gotten it yet and I ordered it on the weekend so they probably didnt ship it until Monday but its already thursday. I have to use my old volcano 6 right now and I cant see how far I can get it until I get the hsf.
Allright, the hsf came in yesterday, Friday. While typing this, I am getting 36C but thats on an EPoX 8K3A+ which are known for reporting temps higher than what they really are. Im going to amreican science and surplus hopefully tomorrow and I might get a temp probe from there. When I do get one I will post the temps.
I'm just wondering, how is the noise with the 48.5cfm fan? I'm thinking of getting this hsf myself and I'm debating between 3 other models. Volcano 7, Dr. Thermal V77L and Dr. THermal V77N. Noise, clip and of course cooling all matter. thanks for the help.
It is very quiet. I think it said 30db or around there. But you need to take the fan off in order to mount it to the lugs. And it is much lighter than the Volcano 7. I would never travel with that thing mounted on my cpu. This is light enough that I finally feel comfortable traveling with it.