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what is max safe long term voltage for a 2070 super in voltage curve ?

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New Member
Aug 26, 2020
I have seen a lot of posts saying pascal was 1.094v but not much on Turing. I also saw somebody say on here nvida is on the record saying anything under 1.064v I haven’t been able to confirm that. I also saw Nvidia say on a game or nexus interview turning the voltage slider up to 100% could reduce lifespan to one year but I hope that’s just them covering their butt. Some of you may recognize me from my other posts but a quick recap: I have an aorus 2070 super. I didn’t have the luck I had hoped manually overclocking with offsets, I can get +25 core at 2010mhz and +800memory before I start to get errors on OCCT 3D test. I found better results using the voltage frequency curve. My card runs mostly 1.050 stock and there I can turn it to 2070mhz and +800memory and not really worry sense that is what it does normally. However I can get up to 2100mhz at about 1.068v , and Maybe more but I stop there until I found out what safe long-term voltage is. I understand this varies card to card and model to model but I was looking for a general safe consensus. I also don’t get errors in OCCT when I use the curve this way , not really sure why but I think it has to do with I hit power limits instantly in that test which drops the voltage no matter what down to around 900 making higher clocks unstable. I guess when I only changed one point on the voltage frequency curve if I can’t do that it just goes back to what it normally does, but I’m no expert maybe you’ll know ? It may be worth mentioning to that one of the selling points if this car was “ Built for Extreme Overclocking 12+2 Power Phases” As opposed to nvidia 8+2. What is this really has any effect on lifespan at high voltage is I don’t know. Thank you for any help in advance !
You are fine at that voltage. They are basically fine all the way to their max stock voltage of 1.092v as long as temps are reasonable. I have a 1070 I put in my sons system that has been at 1.08v for roughly 4 years without issue or any signs of degradation. With that said I run my 1080ti under volted. I have to be at 1.08v or 1.09v to get that at 2100mhz but at 0.97v I can run 1950mhz and only lose less than 5% in fps. Temps are much better and instead of exceeding 300watts the gpu never uses more than 220watts.