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What is 'sensor 1' in MBM5 on my Epox 8K7A?

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Apr 13, 2001
My BIOS only reports 2 temps: the CPU temp and the "system" temp. But MBM5 reports a third which seems to live at 22C which seem a few degrees below room temp which makes me wonder what it is. Any ideas?

Also, what is "system" temp? I was thinking maybe the temp of the AMD 761 which on the Epox is actively cooled? Its usually around 30-32C.
I have MSI K7Master but both boards use AMD761 with VIA686 so I'll assume it's same. K7Master has same sensor 1 which NEVER CHANGES. No matter how many fans you add or remove, only sensor 2 and 3's temp changes. It doesn't show up in BIOS and only 3rd party monitoring program will show the sensor1. Most users came to conclusion that sensor 1 is not being used.

And I believe sensor 3 is supposed to monitor the case temp. As far as where it take temperature off of, I don't know. Adding chipset heatsink and fan on my northbridge didn't change that sensor 3 readings so my guess is that it's not monitoring the AMD761.

Hey Len, weren't you the one deciding on what DDR board to get a few weeks ago? If so, I commend you on your choice... its the same one I was thinking of getting. You'll have to keep us posted on how the board does. ;D
So far the board has been nice and stable. The 'suspend to RAM (STR)' feature it supports is cool. Turns off power to everything but the DDR RAM including the fans. Hit the power switch and you are right back to where you were before in about 10-15 seconds.

But I haven't overclocked anything yet. My cooler is bad. My temps are 57C idle and 62 load. I'm waiting for a Glaciator next week.