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What is the BEST Heatsink/Fan combo out for AMD Athlon xp 2000+?

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Apr 7, 2002
Trying to find out what is the best possible heatsink and fan I could get. Have been really interested in ocing for awhile, but I am staying away from watercooling for right now. Just want to know which is the best heatsink/fan. Thanks in advance.


Mar 25, 2002
Washington State
Welcome to the forums, SupraMan. I went with the Thermalright AX7 with a Delta 80mm fan. It was too loud, so I bought a rheostat to control the noise / RPM of the fan to get a good balance between cooling performance and sound. Be sure to read the HSF reviews on the main page (the link that Iron Hawk gave) so that you make an educated decision. Also, the AX7 is BIG and may not fit a motherboard crowded with capicators.



Cyber Deal King
Mar 13, 2002
The Big Easy
Plycon.com carries a 80mm to 120mm adapter so you can get more CFM's with less noise. YS Tech makes a 120mm that puts out 131CFM and its quieter than the 80CFM and 68CFM Delta.


Dec 30, 2000
HI, Kosmic1 what are your temps, and fan rpms? also what is the stepping on your xp1800? im just curious as to how my thermoengine stacks up against your ax7. my case temps are 21c and my cpu is 26c but when i take cpuidle off they go up to 36c this is at 1.89v(mbm) or 1.8v(mobo) at 1555mhz (this is all idle)