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What is the best heatsink/peltier setup ?

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New Member
Jun 22, 2001
In going for a sweet non water cooling setup I am curious as to the best heatsink/peltier setup that can be used for T-Birds?
For a T-bird aircooled peltiers are suicide. A T-bird can put out 2-3 times the heat of a P3 so water cooled peltiers must be used. If you had an aircooled peltier on a T-bird your temps would probably go up since the heatsink couldn't deal with the added heat.
I can save you a lot of trouble right now and say it's not going to happen. Here's why.

First off, T-birds dump out a ton of heat. Inorder to get rid of all that heat your going to need a large peltier.

Second, when using a peltier your heatsink needs to get rid of the heat not only form the processor but the peltier as well. Inorder for the peltier to work you need to get rid of as much heat on the hot side as possible. This makes the cold side colder.

Third, with the best heatsink made today I would only dare to go as high as a 75w peltier any higher and the heatsink will become saturated with heat thus rendering it useless as it won't be able to get rid of all the heat. If the heatsink can't get rid of all the heat then the hot side of the peltier will begin to heat the cold side as well = kills your cpu form overheating.

Finally, I wouldn't be afraid to go with watercooling, If done correctly it is a very effective way of cooling your cpu. You don't have to spend the big bucks for a premade kit. If you look around the boards and ask questions you can probably build your own kit for a lot less money.