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What is the best Linux for me???

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May 26, 2004
Lethbridge, AB
I am a noob.. well kind of... but when it comes to alternative systems, I don't know too much. I want to learn Linux and need some advice on what is the best alternative out there for me. I know how to run shells.. although i like the GUI's that windoze offers. I've run Unix b4. I need something slim for now that I can run on P1 computers with about 72 megs of memory. I know that is not much, but oh well..

I was looking at buying a packaged version of linux SuSe... what do you guys think??? it says it can support P1...


Anyways, please help me in deciding what to install.. I might be acquiring 5 P1 rigs and hopefully it has some memory in it. I might try installing multiple systems on it.. and try some multiboot systems...

but for now I need you opinions on what is the best option out there for me...



Apr 3, 2002
You want a small linux and the current suse, mandrake, fedora, etc aren't. All of them can run on a P1, but that statement is useless since they, by default, install all so much crap that your poor P1 takes probably half an hour to boot.

Personally I'd use a debian, slackware or damnsmalllinux install without gnome or kde. Without X if possible even.
For a window manager/desktop use something lightweight: fluxbox, icewm, maybe even something very barebone like ratpoison. Your overall choices always have to ask "How much mem is that program using when it runs".

Start with a small netinstall ISO like this one: http://people.debian.org/~blade/boot-floppies/netinst-full-pre/bootbf2_4_iso.zip
It's only 30MB and installs only the bare necessities to get online and get anything else you want from a apt-get repository on the Net. It's great for creating a very slimmed down install of Debian (I ran debian woody/sarge with that on a 486-160 with 230MB harddisk)

Stupid Boy

Jan 17, 2004
Scarsdale, NY
I like Slackware, but it was a bit annoying to set up. It's not much more annoying than RedHat or Fedora because they're kinda messed-up like windoze.