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What is the best MB to get for a 1.33ghz chip?

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New Member
Apr 22, 2001

I need some good advice from you guys............

I'm going to buy a new motherboard this week to go with a 1.33ghz chip
(maybe going to overclock it a little) and the options I have is:

Abit KT7A-Raid
MSI Microstar K7 Turbo R

I might be thinking of getting a DDR board if recommended, and the options

MSI Microstar K7 Master

Also to go with this 1.33ghz chip will be either 512meg PC133 Cas 2 ram or
256 PC2100 Cas 2.5 ram depending what board I buy. Will I see a big
difference between SDram and DDram ?

Thanks in advance.
uniquemassive I would definatly go with DDR cuz its DDR it will be better in the long run and if you go to Crucial its only 3.00 more for DDR than 133 so GO DDR
DDR is still "leading edge" technology. Read the articles posted by Ed on the main page. It appears the leading contender for the DDR chipset now is AMD with the AMD 760.

If you want a KT-133A take a look at Abit, Asus and IWill. Pick the one that has the features you want as the performance differences are minimal.
I have the KT7A-R and T-Bird 1333/266 and have been very pleased with the combo. It is easy to o/c and for me has been a pretty stable setup. It is watercooled so I have gotten it to post at over1675. It is running very stable at 1612. From what I have read you don't have that much gain with DDR as of yet and the boards aren't that good as of yet. I have PC133 cas 2 in my system and it works well.
I'm in the same boat. I'm going with a 1.33/266FSB chip, but the mobo is a hard choice. I've read that the new Via KT266 is better than AMD's 760 in performance due to the Vlink technology. However, the KT266 board (Asus A7A266) only has *2* slots for DDR and 3 for SDRAM!!!! I have *no* need for SDRAM as I plan to go full DDR. Any thoughts?

You need to wait longer for DDR to get all the bugs out and to see when the kt-266 chip comes up to snuff,So I would go this way.
Iwill kk266R
Asus a7v133
MSI k7t-turboR
Epox 8kta3+