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What is the best Ram PC1600DDR, PC166, PC150 or PC133cs2

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PC1600ddr 256MB for 98bucks
PC166 Tonicom 256MB for 113bucks
PC150Kingmax Tiny 256MB for 94bucks
PC133c2 256MB for 94bucks

Paired with a 1Ghz AXIA 200Mhz fsb.
The board doesn't matter and I don't want to spend 175 for PC2100. which would give the highest memory bandwidth?
well do you have a mobo that will hold ddr ram? if not it won't matter if that is the best witch it is (without cost being included).
ddr ram must be buoght in pairs so that will cost you 194$ ( I hope I remeber that right about the pairs)

as for the rest well what kind of a mobo do you have cuz it wil matter if you have a sh#ty mobo don't waste money on high end ram cuz the mobo won't be able to overclock to the fullest. If you have a great mobo then pc166 I would have to say should be the best.
we will just see what some other will say.
I was going to get the kk266r ver1.1 or ver1.3 but too many people are having the resistor problem so I was thinking about the ka266r with the ALi Magic or maybe even the asus 7ta266 is that the right model number?? well it is the mobo with 2 ddr slots and 3 dimm slots. I was just wondering which would give the best bandwidth/speed? because double rate 100mhz or pc 133/fsb cranked up to 166? Also are you sure you need two sticks of ddr because one board had three slots?
I can only speak from experience but I have been running an Asus A7M266 with a single 128Meg stick of Crucial PC2100 DDR with no problems. I know of others doing the same and I am unaware of any requirement that DDR be paired up like the old time SIMMS used to be.
From what I hear Crucial is the at least one of the best.

P.S. It's RDRam that needs to be in pairs, not DDRam =)