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What is the BEST RDRam for OverClocking?

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New Member
Mar 15, 2002
The subject pretty much says it all, but to elaborate, I recently bought 2 sticks of Kingston ECC RDRam (2x256megs PC800) and AFTER I bought it, I decided I wanted to start experimenting with Overclocking. The thing is, I can't seem to O/C my system STABLY with a FSB any higher than 118mhz and, I THINK it's a memory issue. If thats the case, then I'd like to look into replacing the memory I just bought with something that is more 'OverClockable'. If anyone has any idea on which Brand and Type of RDRam is the BEST for this, I would appreciate your help. Here is my system's components:

1> MotherBoard: ASUS P4T-E (No Audio, w/CNR)
2> Processor: P4 2aGhz (Northwood, w/512 kb cache) 478
3> Memory, 512megs, Kingston PC800 ECC RDRam
4> PowerSupply: Enermax EG651P-VE FMA' 530W (Peak 651W) Dual-fan
5> Video Card: VisionTek Xtasy GeForce4 Ti 4600 128meg AGP
6> Audio Card: Creative Labs X-Gamer PCI
7> SCSI controller: Adaptec AHA-2940U2W PCI
8> NIC: Linksys LNE100TX EtherFast Lan card PCI
9> SCSI Hard Drive #1: Seagate 'Cheetah' 36 gig U2W LVD
10> SCSI Hard Drive #2: Compaq 17 gig U2W LVD
11> UltraATA 133 Hard Drive: Maxtor 'DiamondMax' D740X 6L080J4 80gig
12> CDRom #1: LiteOn LTR-24102B 24x/10x/40x RW
13> CDRom #2: Yamaha CRW2200SZ 20x/10x/40x RW
14> DVD Rom: Creative Labs 8x DVD
15> Case: 'Lian-Li PC69-Transparent' Aluminum Mid-Tower Case w/Side Window & front USB Ports & optional top fan.
16> MOD kits: Round/Silver-Clear Floppy & IDE cables, Blue Cold Cathode light kit
17> Monitor: Sony Trinitron 200SX 17inch
Thanks for your help :) I have been hearing a lot of good things about 'Samsung' memory, and also 'Crucial' memory but, when I went to http://www.crucial.com/ they only seemed to sell memory of other brands so, I guess there is no Brand of memory called 'Crucial' . That being the case, I guess getting 2 sticks of 'Samsung' PC800 Non ECC, would be my best bet. Thanks.
Yep, Samsung is great. All the good overclockers here who have overclocked everything out of their system seem to have used Samsung. It's simply the best RDRam IMHO.

Now for the next question...Which is better for overclocking, Single-Sided or Double-Sided RDRam?

For Reference, heres the Part #s for 256meg modules from Samsung's Site

Part# for SS-MR16R1628AF0
Part# for DS-MR16R082GBN1
So far it seems like single sided non-ecc Samsung is the prefered RDRAM for overclocking, but nobody has commented on Corsair RDRAM. Has anybody tried overclocking with this brand?
I using Kingston non-ECC double sided PC800 RDRAM (2x256MB sticks) and so far no problem with it.

Stable (even with Prime95) at FSB of 125MHz and RDRAM set at 4x (ie: PC1000)

Initially I was using 3x for the RDRAM but after seeing people using 4x successfully in this forum I decided to give it a try. Good thing I did.

I can probably get it higher but I need to improve my case and CPU cooling first.

Some people have reported that Kingston RDRAM does not heat much. I'll do the finger test tonight ;-) since my system will have been running P95 for >24hours it will be as hot as can be.

nodoze said:
So far it seems like single sided non-ecc Samsung is the prefered RDRAM for overclocking, but nobody has commented on Corsair RDRAM. Has anybody tried overclocking with this brand?

I have 512MBs of Corsair and it appears to be very stable. I only run into issues when I hit 133fsb. At 130fsb it is rock stable no matter what I throw at it. 4X and RDram turbo enbled.
CyberFed said:
Im running 2 256 sticks of samsung 16 device Rambus, and its rock stable no complaints from samsung memory at all and i got it pretty cheap off pricewatch

You seem to be getting varying info on this subject. You want to get 16 device ram like cyberfed said if you are going to get 256 meg sticks. If you are going to get 128 meg sticks, you want to get 8 device ram. This is because these type of RIMMS use the 128 megabit technology instead of the newer 256 megabit which does not overclock as well. Hope this helps.

Here is a link to the 256 meg chip you would want

Here is a link to the 128 meg chips.

If I were you I would go with the 256 meg chips because it makes upgrades easier.
VaTechHokies nice overclock considering that you only air cool your system. I was wondering where did you get your Rambus from.

And also how hot does your processor get at 135 FSB? Any stability problems at 2.7?


Thanks for the compliment. I've learned everything I know in these forums over the past month and a half. I got my Rambus from googlegear.com. If you look at my previous post, it shows the link to the 256 meg 16 devie RIMMs. These are what most people are using to get the good overclocks.

As far as heat, my processor usually runs around 31 to 32 degrees C. At full load it reaches 40 to 41 degrees. I am currently at 136 FSB and have had no stability problems. If I go any higher (i.e. 138) I can start windows, but when I do burn-in tests to test for stability, the programs shut down by themselves. I am pretty sure this is the ram acting up...just a hunch. I am happy at this speed though...and am not going to push it any further.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.