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What is the best stick of 256 you can buy from the crucial website right now?

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Jul 11, 2001
I just went to www.crucial.com , listed the availbale DDR, and all I see is PC2100 cas2.5. Is that all they are offering?;, or am I being dumb today;)
This is all I found in regards to 256mb sticks of DDR:

256MB $106.99 $96.29 CT3264Z265 DDR PC2100 • CL=2.5 • Unbuffered • Non-parity • 2.5V • 32Meg x 64

256MB $119.99 $107.99 CT3272Z265 DDR PC2100 • CL=2.5 • Unbuffered • ECC • 2.5V • 32Meg x 72

256MB $135.99 $122.39 CT3272Y265 DDR PC2100 • CL=2.5 • Registered • ECC • 2.5V • 32Meg x 72
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Yes that is all they sell.
The stuff they are shipping now is excellent well worth getting if you need memory.
So, I shouldn't worry about trying to track down the infamous 2400 or 2700?, and of that list which is going to allow the highest FSB IYO?
This is the answer when you ask if they sell 2400:
"PC2400 is not an industry standard. PC2400 modules are simply PC2100 modules that have been overclocked and tested to run at a faster speed. Crucial does not offer these modules because systems on the market today support a 100MHz or 133MHz front side bus, not a 150MHz bus. Crucial does not support overclocking. As I'm sure you know, overclocking can negatively affect the reliability of your system and memory modules."
If you want to wait for the 2400 or 2700 then go ahead. If not out of that list I would probably say that the first one you listed would probably yield the greatest overclocking results...the one thats not ECC.
Good luck, hope you find what you want.
It is up to you.
I have 2700 kingmax, 2700 twinmos, old crucial (7a).
In my motherboard set to cas 2-normal.
The kingmax will do 174mhz 100% stable at 2.8v
The twinmos will do 190mhz 100% stable at 2.8v
The crucial will do 173mhz 100% stable at 2.8v.

None of the above memory will run on my board at cas2-ultra at even 133mhz.

Someone I know with the same motherboard as mine bought the "new" crucial (7b).
He can run at 172 cas 2 Ultra 2.8v. and 190 cas2 normal.

People who have removed the heatspreaders from a recent stick of corsair xms2700 found the same chips as crucial has. Micron 7b.
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Thanks Placid. I'm clicking the link off the main page, and ordering a stick now!
Crucial should give you a kickback:D
My crucial came today. This is the info on the stick:
0152 1-1
MT 46V16M8
TG -75 B
Now where can I find out what these #'s mean?;)
No, what I mean is how do I find out what each line item means. That engineering sample has higher #'s, but what do they mean?
Man it sure would have been nice to know I could have purchased a cas 2 stick:(, I looked and looked and didn't see it.