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What is the best Vinyl/metal sealant?

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Jun 25, 2002
San Francisco CA
I am being plagued by leaks and I am on the brink of beating the hell out of my setup. Please give me some hints.

I tried the marine goop on the connection but this only fails when the tubes move. :(
From my boat repair experiance when using marine sealent you cann't allow the object(s) to move as it drys, and there is no such thing as too much. Any brand name stuff should do, I think (mabey) 3M makes one, that is good.
that is an easy fix you need to use plastic hose clamps or metal hose clamps. I recomend the palstic...it is less likely to cut your tubing.

You can pick them up at most hardware stores
If you're tubing is leaking without clamps than they won't be much help in preventing leaks. If the tubing is leaking around the barb than I'm assuming it doesn't form a perfect seal. If you've used this tubing before it may have stretched out a bit so cut the ends off and the "new" ends should form a tighter grip and better seal. If this isn't the case I have no clue :-/