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what is the best water block for your money!!!!!

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Apr 16, 2001
dallas texas
what is the best water block for your money i am going to use a bong and am looking for the best "value" in other words the cheapest that will do the best job
If you are going to water cool your CPU, don't worry about the price, worry about the quality. I have seen many on these boards go with becooling or aquastealth and be VERY dissapointed with their blocks and/or setups. I went with the DangerDen kit<Most expensive one> and am VERY pleased with it. Look at my sig for the temps. Those are old actually, I added about 1/2 foot of tubing to get that cube outta my case and now I have it sitting on top of my case and I get about 26-27C idle and no more then 29C load. The 29C is if I REALLY push it to the max. Most of the time my loads are only 28C. The Maze2 from DD is the best I've seen anyone and myself with. Go DD.
Ive heard nothing but good things from dangerden and those arnt the most expensive ones you can get. But if your looking for rock bottom build your own. They arnt as good but at least its a start. Im building somthing similar to this http://www.overclockers.com/tips494/index02.asp without the flow meter. Im also thinking of cuting a chunk of heatsink and glueing it to the bottom for even more surface area.

Good luck
as said, dont go cheap w/ watercooling. if you are good with building, try and let us know if you make a good one ;-) if you are ordering, some places sell crap so its best to go with the best. thats dangerden imo. got the maze2 from them which from comparisons seems to be the best. if you dont wanna spend the $40 some odd for it, check out the amazing waterblock (the sqaure one). its still a good performer. dont know about their polyblock though... id definetely go copper. with that said and done, you can construct a simple bong cooler for cheap (just need pvc, tube, and pump), or grab an old radiator from a car and use that to cool. there are a lot of posts here on stuff like that, check em out. some have links to buy some good, cheap radiators
Go with DangerDen. I have four of their blocks and I'm very pleased with the performance and DangerDen's service.
on a side note if you were going to use a waterblock with a pelt wouldn't the original maze be better. Seems to me like you would get better flow and you don't really need to concentrate on the center of the pelt.
but the new one is a lot bigger and has more surface area.

Definately Dangerden. They are not too much more than everyone else, and the quality/performance of the blocks is unmatched. Nothing is as good as a Maze2.
thts what i neee to know thanx it loos like iam goin wihe the dangerden maze2 any ideas where to get a good pelt