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What is the difference between Athelon and Duron.

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Feb 25, 2002
Ogden, Utah, USA
I thought that Athelons were better. Something about them having more cache and being built better. I always thought that Durons were a CHEAP! processor. But I am always seeing tons of people in this forum that have made the decission to run one in their system. I would never let one even look at my computer!! Am I missing something about the DURON cpu. Could someone PLEASE!!! tell me the real difference between the two........ :confused: :confused: :confused:
the Duron have less cache than Athlon, and if you do multi-tasking, more cache is better for you. if not, then more cache isn't THAT important.

Thats all i know about the differences between the 2, anyone fill me in?
athlons and durons are almost the same chip. there are 3 things i know that are different. durons have less l2 cache, they run on less vcore and they run on a 100fsb and the athlons run on a 133fsb thoes are the only differences they are both very good but the athlon comes out on top because of its running on a higher fsb and has more l2 cache
So, are there any Duron owners out there that would not trade their chips in for an Athelon of the same speed (factory Mhz)??? And if so, then why???
i dont think anyone would trade an athlon for a duron unless they were hurting for money athlons are better but the durons arent a crap chip either
The price gap is increasing with every XP, so I think the durons look more and more appealing.
All they seem to be doing is charging more for the top-of-the-range without dropping the prices of the slower ones.