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What is the freakin' deal here!!???!!

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Patrick G

Dec 2, 2001
Springfield, MO
I just installed a USB 2.0 PCI card, and no matter what I do, I cannot get my USB keyboard to be detected upon startup. It works fine while Windows is running, but every time I restart, the system detects no keyboard. Works fine when connected to my on-board USB ports, but not thru the USB PCI card. I've tried different ports, I've tried 2 different brand new keyboards, and 2 different brand new USB 2.0 PCI cards. Same result each time. Detects the keyboard fine in Windows, but not at startup. What's the deal??? My USB printer and mouse both work fine when connected via the USB PCI card. Yes, I have the software and newest drivers installed, and yes I have "USB Keyboard Support" enabled in the BIOS. Can anyone help???
I know for a fact some USB 2.0 cards need windows to work and won't work with out windows and its Drivers. On- Board is different since the bios controls the keyboard but like anyother PCI card(except AGP or video cards) The BIOS has no control over it until it's in an operating system.
get a usb to P/S 2 adaptor and that'll solve ur problem. Is there any advantage to USB over P/S 2 anyway?
easy solution:

it's a keyboard. use it on the slowest ports in the system. I can't see using a low bandwidth device on a usb 2 port. save that for a usb 2 scanner or your printer.

that way there's no worries.

besides, who needs a scanner to work before windows starts?
That should also be fine.

What kind of KB is it?

For example, my MS natural KB pro has both USB and PS/2 connectors on it. You plug the PS/2 connector in for the KB and he USB connector to take advantage of the USB hub at the top of the KB. (Great for that USB mouse. ;)) Since you won't need your mouse at bootup, you can still plug the the KB/Mouse into the USB 2.0, in case some joystick really needs the 2.0 speed. ;)

-- Paul