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What is the lifespan of an AIO watercooler?

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Jun 24, 2016
I'm currently using an NZXT Kraken X61 280mm. I bought and installed it with my system back in 2015, meaning I've been using it pretty much all day every day for nearly 7 years. Just some quick math... 365 days/year * 7 years * 18 hours/day = 45,990 hours of use. That's insane.

As of now it's running perfectly. My temps are ridiculously low (20 C). That being said, I'm aware that eventually the pump is going to die or the tubing will corrode and spray liquid all over my internals. Obviously I want to get it out of there before that happens.

My question is simple: when should I replace this?
Replace when you notice any problems. Since it works well then there is no need.
AIO lifespan depends on many factors. Some brands have pretty good components and keep them clean during production. Some others save on everything. The typical AIO warranty is 2 years and I wouldn't expect more (but there are exceptions). I don't remember who was OEM for NXZT pumps/blocks but AIOs based on Asetek design are usually living without problems for about 3 years (maybe more). There are many designs on the market and not always the price tells which one is better quality.
Agreed, if it works fine then leave it be. I used my Swiftech one for about 3 years before taking it down but that wasn't a true sealed system like most AIO. I would run it until temps change then worry about it. I'd be more worried about the life of whatever pump they used but again if it works then there isn't a problem.
I've had several over the years. The earliest makes/models were works in progress. My first one started showing signs of failure (higher temps on the CPU) after about 4 years. Since then I've not had any issues. In fact I passed a system on down to my grandson that had an AIO that must be about the same age as yours and it's still cooling properly.
Wow 7 years of unparalleled service for an AIO is outstanding! If it hasn't given you any issues, then continue to use it. Swapping it out for a new one as a precautionary measure is all up to you, but 7 years isn't something to sneeze at.

I run power supplies about the same 5-7 years, then I swap out for a new one. I think the longest I used a power supply was 10 years (Antec True Power 550w) and even before I swapped it out was still in service.