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What is the maximum stable FSB for Asus A7A266?

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Mar 7, 2002
I have Athlon 1333 processor and 2x256Mb DDR266 memory. NO MATTER what memory timings are, computer becomes unstable if memory speed is over 136MHz. If I set 139MHz, I can't start Windows Me: it gives me blue screen with "Windows protection error" on it, and system "hangs". If I set 142Mhz and over, I can't start comuter at all. I have tried to set FSB down to 103Mhz instead of using it at the same speed with memory, but it still doesn't work! :( What is the problem? Is it because of memory itself? or memory controller? or is it something else?
Is your cpu the 200 or 266 version?It could be your memory or it could be many other things,try removing all your pci cards and drives you dont need to see if you can get any farther.You may also want to try removing 1 stick of your ram and see.I was able to run my 1.4 266fsb at 150 fsb stable but only with 1 stick of ram.
1333 MHz Athlon has 266FSB. I have tryed to pull the first stick of memory yestarday--no effect. I also checked my PCI cards and everything by lowering FSB down to 132MHz what brings PCI bus up to 44MHz: comuter was absolutely stable for many hours running 3DMark. Do you think it is memory problem? Should I change it to DDR333? If yes, what brand should I choose?
As far as memory goes, I like Crucial brand. But there are many other favorites based on who you ask. Check out the memory forum and see what brand is to your liking.