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What is the oldest component in your main computer?

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fUzZ bUnNy

Mar 29, 2001
Wisconsin, USA
I have two things from a 1992 386 my parents used to have

An IBM mechanical keyboard that "clicks" with every key that is the best keyboard that i have ever owned

The floppy from this 386.

What can I say I am a frugal overclocker; it goes with the economics!

P.S. All this stuff is attached to my new Albatron PEV845 w/ 2.26 P4 @ 2.72.

:D the bunny


Senior Member
Jun 26, 2002
repost. but thats ok :)

oldest part in my current pc is my dvdrom which is 11 months old now. newest part is actually my floppy. rofl.


Nov 3, 2002
Oldest, my floppy, no once again I fail to be right
the power supply I run my fans and lights on is from some ole ancient "Invented By Morons"
Why the heck do I have a floppy anyway, I never ever use it???

Mr B

Senior Admin Emeritus
Dec 28, 2000
East Bridgewater, MA
The dustball in the back between the mobo tray and the right side panel...it's been in there since the dawn of time....:p

The Spyder

Mar 25, 2002
Hummm....... the Innvotech fan i pulled from a p166 fan thats 6yrs old......... :D the rest are not more then 6months :) (this is my second PC)

Main pc is all new.......


May 29, 2001
Columbus, OH
viewsonic 17' monitor, logitech itouch cordless keyboard+mouse combo, maxtor 27.6 GB 5400 rpm. I got em all like 2 yrs ago and still running :) .. well, back when in my home country, Soundblaster AWE32 ISA version is the oldest stuff I have (like 6 yrs old) .. and everytime I get back home on vacation, i have to live with it :D


Oct 24, 2002
"Why the heck do I have a floppy anyway, I never ever use it???"

My floppy drive just died. I'm not in any hurry to replace it... though I do use them on occasion.

Uhh, oldest part? My Power supply right now is an L&C 300watt I got when I put together a k62 350 back when they were the hottest thing AMD made. But that should be gone within two weeks.

My case is about a year old. I just took out a 42x Kenwood cd that was about 2 years old. Im about to take out a 13gig WD dma66 that replaced a 1 year old one that had to be rma'd (died). No clue how old my case fan is... had it about a year and a half... though I bet they are mid 90's models. Net card's probably 2 years old.

I'd guess the power supply is the oldest part to me. And when it goes then I'll say the case fan. Oldest component is my 3com 3c905c-tx (There may be a "m" in that name somewhere "tx-m" maybe) I've had it close to 2 years. got 2 of those cards, 2 905b's and a 905 in a lot for 30something bucks. sold as-is. they all worked. Sold the other 905c to a buddy for 20$, dropped the 905 into my parents comp when they got cable internet, have one of the b's in a 200mmx, and I think the other b is still laying around here. Hmm Im babbling. Anyhow. If Im not mistaken the Power supplies like 5 years old. Anyone know when the k62 350 came out? Am I wrong thinking it was early 98?


Underwater Senior Member
Nov 29, 2001
You have to have a floppy if you want raid and WinXP in the same machine, there's no other way of installing the raid drivers. Stoopid Billy the un-natural goat breeder.

The oldest thing in my computer is ME (or rather, my hands)!
I've always gotta tinker.

The oldest hardware in my computer...heck, there's only one thing in there that wasn't bought for this computer, my Plextor CD writer (12/10/32).


Hey! I showered! Senior
Jan 5, 2002
my keyboard is over 10yrs old... from my first computer, a packard bell p60. lol, then i have a 30gig hdd thats next, unless my voodoo 5 5500 may be older than that! im sure all the copper is older than anyone here:D


Senior Member
May 28, 2002
Pengpeng, yes this is possible, the bios supports them, but these aren't hooked up, just put in the 5.25 holes.

People look at them and "WTF do those work?"