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What Is This Guy Talking About!?!?!

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Sep 13, 2002
Williamsport, PA
chat i had with a guy i helped with things and i recruited for folding. I DIDN'T SCAN THIS FOR LANGUAGE BUT I'M SURE I WAS PLAYING NICE. if you find anything in appropriate i'm sorry. IF YOU'RE OFFENDED BY MILD LANGUAGE PLEASE DON'T READ. i don't know if i cursed or not and it's way to long for me to scan through. this guy got me ticked.

"you_did_what2who: dam i love my new PC
amisheclipse: haha
amisheclipse: pretty fast huh
you_did_what2who: VERY
you_did_what2who: & the Graffix are mind bending
amisheclipse: haha
amisheclipse: what graphics do you have again?
you_did_what2who: its an MSI(Brand New) G-Force 4 Ti4200 128 x8
amisheclipse: cool
amisheclipse: i'm an ATI guy myself
you_did_what2who: ATI let me down
amisheclipse: how?
you_did_what2who: i wont go back
you_did_what2who: i was waiting so paitanly for the 9800 & it turned out to be like CARP....the kid next door had a G-Force that walked all over itDAOHHH!!!
amisheclipse: wtf
amisheclipse: um no
amisheclipse: there's no way
you_did_what2who: yes
you_did_what2who: seeing is beleieveing
amisheclipse: no even a TI4600 would be dogged to hell by a 9500pro
amisheclipse: you had to have a defective card
amisheclipse: 9800's aren't even out yet. not released to awhile
you_did_what2who: well i read lots of reviews but....the prefomance "Hands on" is what i go by
amisheclipse: try ati again
amisheclipse: even a 9700 non pro
you_did_what2who: u cant get a 9800?
amisheclipse: not yet
you_did_what2who: i can
amisheclipse: they don't ship till like i think this week
you_did_what2who: u want one
amisheclipse: sure
you_did_what2who: dude
amisheclipse: i dn't have any cash though
you_did_what2who: i cant belive U....havent even seen them
amisheclipse: nope
amisheclipse: not shipped yet
you_did_what2who: geezz
you_did_what2who: i have built about 5 PC's with that card in them already
you_did_what2who: & i wont by the Ti4600 when the Ti4200 does a Phonominal Job
you_did_what2who: its over kill
amisheclipse: Ti 4200 usually uses slower memory.
you_did_what2who: of money
amisheclipse: for the money 9500 pro is the card to get
you_did_what2who: not this one
you_did_what2who: u can over clock this one too
amisheclipse: go into you're display properties and turn anti aliasing and anisotropic filtering all the way up
amisheclipse: you can OC ATI's too
you_did_what2who: i turned them off
amisheclipse: turn them on
amisheclipse: my old radeon 7500 will play all those games fast as hell with aniso and AA turned off
amisheclipse: turn your 3d properties all the way up
amisheclipse: if your card is good it should hang at those settings no problem
you_did_what2who: it can
amisheclipse: next time you build a machine with a 9800 do the same thing. crank the AA and aniso all the way up allsettings to quality and see what one's faster
you_did_what2who: we put the 9800 thru the ringer
you_did_what2who: we slamed it hard
you_did_what2who: & it wasnt what we expected
amisheclipse: trust me. it's mathematically impossible for a Ti4200 to beat a 9700 or better ATI
you_did_what2who: i know what ur saying
you_did_what2who: & i agree
you_did_what2who: but the useage
amisheclipse: your card was defective, mis advertised or your 3d settings weren't set right
amisheclipse: try it
you_did_what2who: thats where the rubber meets the road
you_did_what2who: na
amisheclipse: next time you build one put the card in your machine and bench it with all settings on high and quality
you_did_what2who: we took 3
you_did_what2who: & all 9 of use tweeked the hell outta them
you_did_what2who: gave them the ringger
you_did_what2who: & it was a very big disapointment for me
amisheclipse: http://www.tomshardware.com/graphic/20030120/vgacharts-02.html
amisheclipse: they did the same thing you did
you_did_what2who: almost heartbreaking
amisheclipse: look at their charts
you_did_what2who: yes thats nice.....but we know what we did......we did it
you_did_what2who: big diffirence when u are doing it
amisheclipse: try it like i said
amisheclipse: trust me
you_did_what2who: & with others too
you_did_what2who: i have
you_did_what2who: thats what i am telling u
amisheclipse: there's absolutely no way. the ATI has twice as many pixel pipelines higher clock 256memory bus and a slew of other goodies
you_did_what2who: u try it
you_did_what2who: then u will see
amisheclipse: send me the cards
amisheclipse: i don't have the cash for a 9800 and a 4200
amisheclipse: i don't have the cash for a 9800 by itself
you_did_what2who: yes....& u will need a few like we had
amisheclipse: a few like you had?
you_did_what2who: u always need extras to see they are all good
you_did_what2who: yeah
amisheclipse: well you're free yo your opinion but there's no way any GF4 is faster than an ATI faster than a 9500pro
you_did_what2who: u dont wanna know what kinda componets i go thru
amisheclipse: what system was the test on and what did you use to benchmakr?
you_did_what2who: i we had 3
you_did_what2who: one was a pentium
you_did_what2who: then a 2800 atholon
you_did_what2who: & a 2gig atholon
you_did_what2who: one gig on the AMDs
you_did_what2who: DDR2700
amisheclipse: next time you want to test them use these tests. they're designed to compare the power of different GPU's on the same machine
amisheclipse: http://www.futuremark.com/download/
amisheclipse: 2001SE and 2003
amisheclipse: 2003 will be alot harder on the NVIDIAs so you can stick with the 2001SE if you want
you_did_what2who: & one 512 RAMBUS on the 2400 pentium
you_did_what2who: yes .....eddie & the rest of the guys have all that stuff
you_did_what2who: but all of us know that Hands on is the best way
you_did_what2who: run the hell outta it
amisheclipse: there's no way. the 9700's whip the GF4s all day the 9800 is basically the same as the 9700 just with a higher clock and the newer ATI drivers
you_did_what2who: Grank Everything up
amisheclipse: yes hands on in the best way
you_did_what2who: yup
amisheclipse: and everyone that's gotten an ATI card sine the release of the 9 series ati's has known that nvidia is garbage
you_did_what2who: thats nice.....
you_did_what2who: it doesnt change what I, have expirianced
amisheclipse: well try experiencing again because your test results are skewed
you_did_what2who: i think u need to try them
you_did_what2who: seeing is believeing
you_did_what2who: the 9800 let me down
amisheclipse: i have. my friends dad has a pny Ti4200. he built a friend a system with a 9700 and his pny was destroyed
you_did_what2who: it wasnt what i expected it to be
you_did_what2who: thats nice & all....but U.....need to personaly see & do ALL for urself
amisheclipse: well you can keep over paying for GPU's because there's absolutely nothing a GF4 can do better than the new ATI cards. even the GF FX is getting trashed by 9700's
amisheclipse: i did
you_did_what2who: its a big differance when ya do it for urself
amisheclipse: i used his machine and i used the machine he built for his friend
amisheclipse: the 9700 ran all over it
you_did_what2who: u mean th GF FX256?
you_did_what2who: is that what ur talking about?
amisheclipse: the one that NVIDIA released than never shipped because it was an embarassment
you_did_what2who: th 5600
you_did_what2who: dude
amisheclipse: the 5600 or 5800
you_did_what2who: its in the store
you_did_what2who: both
you_did_what2who: where do u live again?
amisheclipse: those cards are almost as fast as the ATI's and their clocks are double
amisheclipse: pennslyvania
you_did_what2who: man....why is it u dont have all the stuff we have here
amisheclipse: i do
amisheclipse: i'm poor.
amisheclipse: i have a nice OC'd machine
amisheclipse: just crappy GFX
you_did_what2who: isnt back east posed to have things sooner
amisheclipse: yeah we do
you_did_what2who: y is it we have things here u dont?
amisheclipse: ATI shipped 9800's on april 2nd. retailers didn't have them in stock till this week
amisheclipse: i have everything you do i can buy from anywhere in the country
you_did_what2who: i buy from ppl who dont even advertize
you_did_what2who: but i waz refering to the genral pulic
you_did_what2who: not me
you_did_what2who: i work in the industry
you_did_what2who: so i have connections
you_did_what2who: but
you_did_what2who: i was refering to the stores
you_did_what2who: like PC Club"

i realize i was wrong about the shipdate of the ATI's. but c'mon.


Sep 13, 2002
Williamsport, PA
at the moment i have him ready to ship me a 9800 that he gets easily because of his "connections". i'm sort of uneasy about it because this is the second time i've talked to him. i want him to ship to the post office only so i don't have to give my home addy.


Oct 3, 2002
Louisiana Tech University
Sounds like a case of the guy wanting to sound like he knows something about computers. What a dork.

And yes, he is entirely wrong. There's even a huge difference between my old Ti4200 and my R9500np!


Dec 14, 2002
Seattle, WA
I bet he works at Best Buy or CompUSA (or your choice of computer stores) just by his obvious uber knowledge that we are all oblivious too!

OC Noob

Jun 28, 2002
Phoenix, AZ USA
I hate peoplem like that and there are so many of them. Just because they heard something from someone or just assume something it is all of a sudden fact. Then when you corner them they start making stuff up.

I was on another web site and this guy said he was getting 30k 3dmarks with a 5800 ultra well before review sites had them and he was running on a non-intel 4ghz machine. Said he was getting 25k 3dmarks and all this other garbage. I kept backing him into a corner with links to articles and stuff and all he had to say was, "I have connections and can get things and that all the review sites articles were wrong because he was doing stuff they haven't even heard of." He told me about how he modded his processor and I asked if he unlocked it or voltmodded it and he said no. I told him no one (even AMD) had gotten an Athalon to 4 ghz and he said the same crap about doing things the general public didn't know about. I asked him to post a pick of the FX with a dollar in it to prove he wasn't lying and he said it was against the NDA, but all the other BS he was saying about it was against the NDA too!

People like that **** me off:mad:


Jan 22, 2002
Yeah from what i've read the 9700's smoke the GF4's. And the new 9800pro vs the fx5900u.................9800 is better in some area's and 5900 is better in some areas. I have a gf4200-128 and It works fine for me.....I play CS and C&C Generals so I don't need all that power. Also to say that all nvidia is crap is wrong sure ATI might beat them but GF4's are cheaper too. It all boils down to what you need it to do.


Mar 24, 2002
Liverpool, UK
actually taking time out of your day to compare a 9800pro to a Ti4200 is mind boggling enough, but to come to the conclusion that guy came to is beyond all reasoning - if he is misguided enough to believe a Ti4200 is better than a 9800pro I wouldnt even bother trying to convince him otherwise


Mar 5, 2002
Bellevue, WA
Well, don't try to convert people like that.
If they are that stoopid, let them be. Given a long enough timeline, a piano will fall on their head or a truck will hit them or something like that. Lets just hope they don't breed first...


Feb 26, 2003


i have dealt with people like this, i try to show them facts, then i just out right laught @ them and make fun of their lack of intellegence in the matter, - it is mean, but it is hilarious because i imagine SO many people already have - it is more amusing when you get them in a chat room or on IRC or on a forum and you have multiple people prove them wrong and they still stick with their side of it.