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What is this stuff in my water?

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Jan 9, 2001
I just got my watercooling system put together... finally. I have been testing it (away from my computer) since Monday and have found no leaks... a good sign. I have, however, had to change the water three times. Each time, there was an odd, almost oily, film over everything. I doubt it was algae, since It won't really grow that fast. The last time I drained the system to change it, I decided to let it all dry out(just to see). The 'oily film' dried to a bluish-white powder, albeit a very fine powder. Has anyone seen something like that before? I think I've gotten most of it out, but I'd like to be certain it won't eat away something over time....
if you are using plain tap water, it sounds as if you are getting mineral deposits, or perhaps some sort of added water treatment. You are probably better off getting distilled water, and maybe adding a waterwetter, and anticorrosive/antirust treatment.
Well, once I install it, I will be using water wetter(the bottle is right next to me). I hadn't considered an anti corrosive treatment.... any suggestions?
I do doubt that the answer to my problem is mineral deposits... I'm using filtered water(not quite distilled, but it'll still pull minerals out). Thanks for the advice, though.
I know there is not an easy answer to what might be in your water. Just too much crap out there. I would recommend that you go to an auto parts store, and get a water pump lubricant and protector, not so much for those properties, but because they contain antirust and anticorrosives. Granted the pump lubricant can't do any harm, and being in an enclosed system is probably helpful, but the other properties are what makes this worthwhile. A lot of people recommend Antifreeze for the exact same reason, but a small bottle of this stuff will go a long way, and maybe ease your mind about hose deposits.***Just as an afterthought, I would periodically check to see if this is a continuing problem. Good luck.
I had the same problem the first time I set up a water cooling system a few years back, that was just with tap water. There is something in your water causing this. Also since water is conductive you will get a reaction if you have both alluminum and copper in the system. I have not tested it but distiled water is not supposed to be conductive. Switching to 8 parts distilled water and 2 parts antifreeze solved this. Now I use 8 parts distilled water, 1.5 parts antifreeze, and 0.5 parts water-wetter.
Makes me want to stop drinking Tap water.... I am using a copper only system, so I shouldn't have to worry there. I'm using about 2oz Water Wetter to 6 cups of water right now... but I'll be playing with the mix later this week. Thanks for the advice guys.
i have a fish in a small fish bowl with no pump, i have to change the water about 2 times a week but when i do, i put a few drops of this water cleaning solution that i got at the pet store, it takes all of the inpurities out of the water and clease it, i might try some of that, it was like 3 bucks at the pet store