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What is VCORE on my MOBO? Does it help with overclocking?

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New Member
Feb 16, 2001
I dont know if there will be a easy awnser to this but i'll ask.

Im new to overclocking and I just got my 500 up to 550 but no higher and I dont know if it is possible to get it any higher (I have it on the highest setting I think). What is the VCORE jumpers for. I tried setting it lower and higher but I didnt notice any difference in performance. And does this affect overclocking.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I have alot to learn :(

500MHZ AMD-K6-2 with 3D Now
Overclocked to 550MHZ (possible to go any higher??)
96 MB RAM[2][/2][2][/2]
its the setting to change the core voltage for your cpu, you should have found out about it before you changed it up and down. if you put it too high its possible to fry your chip.....higher vcore=higher heat.

vcore can help in overclocking, it doesnt change the speed but it can give the chip a little more juice so it can handle faster speeds. if your settings max out at 550 and your chip is stable then dont change the vcore settings.

as for the capabilities of the k6-2 500, your almost at the max. some chips cant go past 550, some can get to 600......and in my experience with that chip i could only get it to 574 stable. its basically not a good overclocker.
Thanks for the info. Thats just the awnser I was looking for. I was really hoping I could get it higher, but It was my first time and I learned alot. Next time I get a computer i'll know more about what to look for. Right now I had the vcore set up pretty high but everything is running good so im going leave it go for now. Oh well atleast I got 550 out of my 500 :)
i woudnt leave it too high if i were you, it could shorten the life of the chip. i think the max a k6-2 voltage can go is 2.8....some can do 3, but if you dont need a high voltage, dont use it.

as for your next computer, dont buy name brand(ibm, compaq, etc) and i would suggest the duron(if your lookin for cheap). i just got a duron 700, and im runnin it at 950mhz(2nd day ive had it)....goin for the gig. awesome bang for the buck:)
I also would not go too high in the Core Voltage area unless it won't post at lower settings, its WAY too easy to mess things up.

If your motherboard supports temperature monitoring, I'd suggest a prog called MotherBoard Monitor. Its really nice, runs next to your clock, and at a glance you always now the approximate temp of you CPU and Mobo.

The program can be found here, http://mbm.livewiredev.com/, And is really worth a look. Good luck in your overclocking ventures.

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