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What is your cpu average temp?

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Apr 26, 2001
I just bought me a Golden Gate (7500 rpm) and the cpu temp. is unstable, sometime the temp goes up to 50 degree (C). While the factory heatsink and fan of AMD (5000 rpm) can keep my cpu stable at 41 (C). What is your cpu average temp? Does rpm of fan play an important role in keeping cpu cooler? Thanks,
Fan speed certainly effects the HSF performance. The quality of the workmanship mounting is also important, not to mention the application of an effective thermal compound. To a lesser degree, the quality of the finish on the HSF baseplate will come into play also. Have you tried removing the GG, cleaning it and the CPU core, re-applying compound and remounting it? No matter how may times you do it, there is the occasional botched job. It just happens. I have yet to see a stock HSF beat a quality aftermarket HSF like the GG.

If anyone knows cooling Hoot sure does and he's rite again about the fan's rpm.
My CPU runs around 30C but its because ive ducted it to draw cooler air in from outside the case and i have good case cooling as well as a lapped HSF, i'm running radioshack compound as the one time i tried to order AS-2 the place was out, i just received my GG and its lapped [needed it badly] now i'm doing the pencil and silicone trick to try and quiet it down some. Delta's go figure.