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What is your temp with stock AMD HSF?

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New Member
May 18, 2003
With the case opened and floor fan blowing at it, I got 58c.

Now I replace the stock fan with Panaflo 80 L1A 24cfm with stock HS, case closed, no case fan, I got 62c.

Asus A7N8X Deluxe w/ 2200+ no O/C, room temp ~20c

Why my CPU temp is so high (well, AMD said under 90c is normal, but seem like most of you got under 50c, even O/C) even I used the floor fan?




Jan 8, 2003
Tampa, FL
I just built my dad a PC with an MSI KT4V, 512 PC2700 and a Tbred 2100 and it's running perfect at 2015 with the Stock HSF and AS3 at 52 - 54 C. I hit 2067 but it started getting close to 60C so I cranked it down.