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What kind of Pings do you guys get with your service?

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Apr 29, 2002
Hey Guys,

@home has been going great, but within the last month, it's been slower than a stump. I called them up and they basically said we can't help you and my 150-300 Pings in Rocket Arena are not cutting it anymore.

I ran 3 bandwidth tests in about 15 seconds.. they ranged from 1.1 to 2 meg and back down... I did it a few times today...its inconsistent as hell.;

I'm going DSL.

I read for about 2 hrs on dslreports.com and found some good things, but I have a few more questions.

What kind of pings (on average) would you expect from a
768/128 or a 1.5/128? Are they relatively the same?

I asked some guys in a quake match and they said upload is everything, how much does it help if I get 256 or even 384 upload?

How hard is the self-install kit for dsl? Has anyone tried?

Thanks-(hopefully alot of responses!)
velocicaur said:

How hard is the self-install kit for dsl? Has anyone tried?

Very simple. Just plug in a few wires. Did you have cable before? Because if you did its just having a dsl modem with the phone line going to the modem instead of the cable. You just have to put little things (not sure what they are called) on all your phone lines, so it doesnt mess up dsl and being on phone at same time.
upload is ONLY everything when YOU host a server...when you are a player you are recieving the information from the server(downloading), but when you host you send the info to those people(upload)....

If you are a player you won't have to worry about upload.....

I would imagion your ping would be around 100ms or so but there are a lot of factors to determine that and that is just a big guess on my part....to compare it to my 1.5down and 128up I get about 40ms or so....so you would be around 70ms-100ms

Hey, Yes I do have a cable modem now. Where would I plug the phone line in? Theres the power plug and the one going to my ethernet... a usb slot that I don't use and then the actually cable plug that goes into it... no phone line slot?

Or would i get a phone line in the ethernet slot and then get a usb adapter and put that to my computer?

It's a RCA brand and its white and it says digital broadband on it....I don't know much about it, att sent it to me

Thanks -


Im trying to find something that why you do quake for example and it comes up with the lowest pinged server with like 10 people on it... quake 3 says it'd about 50 or 60 average ping, I got there and I had 100-150 :(

Everyone else on the server has 50 or below. :mad:
It's like that on every server, it does go down to like 70 people, but that is at 2 in the morning
What is static ip?

Hey again,

Doing more reading,

What is the benefits of static IP? Most places I have checked have that and it costs about 10-15 dollars more.

Static ip is the same ip 24/7 right or am I just way out there?

Thanks again-

if you host a server of some sort, from games to internet to FTP...so you dont have to reconfig whatever you use to host ur pages
velocicaur said:
Hey, Yes I do have a cable modem now. Where would I plug the phone line in?
When you get the DSL self instalation kit it comes with a DSL modem. Different than the Cable Modem. Instead of a spot for your Cable cord to go into the modem, theres a spot for a phone cord to go in.