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What M/B for an AXIA ?

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Jan 15, 2001
I am thinking of making the jump to an AXIA 1.33 from my PIII. I know nothing about whats the best chipset or m/b. I have always used ASUS boards and usually stick to Intel chipsets. I had a really bad experience with the Via 133 Pro that I tried, really bad video performance compaired to Intel. Has this been fixed on the 266 chipset? Is the ASUS board still the way to go? I already have 256 meg of Cas2 PC133 Infinion ram so DDR is not real important, but who knows. Will probably want to get a Raid board and get another Quantum in the future. System as of now is:
Alpha PEP66 with Sunon Hi Output 23.5 fan (Delta Black Label 38 in drawer, Wife says it's too loud)
256 meg PC-133
30 gig Quantum Fireball plus
15 gig WD
Creative 52x reader
Plextor 12/10/32 burner
Creative GeForce2 GTS
SB Live
I think VIA has gotten their stuff together as far as chipsets go. I have the KT7A MoBo and it has the VIA 133a chipset on it and I haven't had any problems with it at all.
There are 3 real choices for you. Since you already have decent ram and DDR has not quite been imbraced by most peeps.
Abit KT7A -Raid , Asus A7V and Iwill KK-266-R. The Abit and the Iwill support Raid arrays and are both fine boards in their own right. I happen to lean towards the Iwill, probably because of the success I have had.
You need to do a little homework and read, read ,read as many reviews and comments on the different MOBO's out. Only you can decide what is best.
Agreed..just make sure to get the KT133A chipset (133mhz+) not the non [A] version (100mhz). should you decide to go VIA. The Asus should therefore be A7V-133, NOT just A7V.
I've used both the Abit and Iwill.
I prefer the Iwill KK266.
Its a trouble-free board with great support.
But you'll be happy with either.

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