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What mobo do i get?

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Dec 21, 2000
I am planing on make another computer. What motherboard should i get, since i'm not fimilar with the AMD chips i don't know. I don't want anythign built in (sound, modem, etc) I do want a 4x Agp. any help will be greatful. oh and what kind of ram do these 1.2 Amd thunderbirds use? thanks alot
asus a7v
geforce2 gts (mx for budget)
crucial pc133 ram(muskin 150 if you can afford)

basis necessity
I concur with Thelmores.
I run both an Asus A7V, and a Abit KT7 Raid. I would suggest the Asus A7V personally.
GeForce 2MX Is the best Video for the money.
Crucial, Infineon, and Mushkin RAM. PC133 of course. These all seem to be really good.

Good luck!
This asus board will support 1.2 gig amd right? okay i'm still a bit new with this "newer stuff" what is this deal about ddr mobo's and such. I knew that ddr was a "faster" type of ram because my geforce 256 has is but i wasn't sure about it on a motherborad. and are 133 ram req to run a amd or just for my oc' purposes? thank you guys so much. I
Yes the A7V will support 1.2gig.
DDR is too expensive at the moment, maybe in a year. Stick with your SDRAM for a little longer.
The A7V will take PC100 or PC133 RAM. Use PC133 for a small performance increase. Use PC150 for guarenteed stability if running memory higher than 133.
Try to find a A7V rev1.04 motherboard, that way multiplier adjustments are by dipswitches and Soft FSB.
I would wait for a 133 mHz FSB board. You won't have to wait long and according to what I have read, they perform well with PC133 ram. Given my positive Abit KT7-R experiences, the new KT7A may be a good choice.